Launchbox was created to change the way learners understand space science.

Founded in 2014 by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who want to see the Australian Space Industry thrive, Launchbox was created to change the way learners understand space science. We aim to move the field from a distant dream to a tangible, tactile experience in the hands of Australian learners.

Flavia Tata Nardini

Flavia Tata Nardini began her career at the European Space Agency as Propulsion Test Engineer, before she joined TNO to apply her technical knowledge to advanced space propulsion engineering projects. She rapidly became involved in project management and business development within the space and defence domain and after that she was assigned to developed international relations and identified business opportunities in the Middle East. After establishing the business in Qatar, she return to her love of space propulsion systems, and has successfully completed full lifecycle development of satellites and several micro thrusters currently flying on actual space missions (Delfi Program’s CubeSats). During her time at TNO, she has filed two patents in both rocket and satellite propulsion and has written several papers on Micro Propulsion Systems and Space Debris Removal Technologies.

Matthew Tetlow

After performing his PHD research at the Space Systems Institute in Germany, Dr Tetlow conducted contract research in the areas of Hypersonic Flight, Guidance, Navigation and Control, Fluid Dynamics and Systems Engineering. He was Senior Engineer at Tigerfish Aviation where he helped develop the technology and business cases around next generation aircraft water landing technologies. Dr Tetlow has worked on projects for the Royal Australian Air Force, the United States Navy and Air Force, Defence Science Technology Organization, Boeing Long Beach, and has a number of technical publications and patents to his name. Dr Tetlow is the Project Lead on the SUSat CubeSat project and founder of Inovor Technologies.


Matthew Pearson

Matthew Pearson is a Sydney-based entrepreneur and international investor. A director at Business Switch, one of Australia’s leading online small business service providers, Matthew is an expert in rapid startup and small business systemisation. His experience of running multiple internet businesses has fostered in him a belief in the absolute necessity of STEM education to the Australian economy.