What is Launchbox?

- Launchbox creates the leading Space learning experience for students up to age 18 using model satellite kits and launching student projects to Space. The learning packages are based on modern CubeSats.

How do I get my Launchbox?

- Get your Launchbox learning packages here: Mission 1, Balloon Sat 2.0, or class room teaching pack 

What is a CubeSat?

Launchbox kits are based on CubeSats, which are a modern satellite category consisting of 10cm cubes; the small size has been enabled by miniaturisation of technology. 

What is the Launchbox mission?

- At Launchbox, we love Space. We believe in putting Space in the hands of people, empowering you to use Space to solve the problems important to the community. To shape the future, we inspire enthusiastic young rocket scientists.

How far has LaunchBox come?

- The company was founded in 2014 and has since introduced over 50 schools to space. Launchbox, has launched eight balloon satellites and receives frequent emails from thrilled students. 

To offer more to our many amazing students, at the end of 2015 Launchbox will launch the best school experiments to space onboard a CubeSat ejected from the International Space Station!

Which kit is right for me or my class?

- The Mission 1 is our new pride and your new learning tool. As a teacher in a secondary school, you will benefit from the accompanying learning packages designed to suit the educational needs of your students. Launchbox has created the Mission 1 to maximise the impact on students around the world. The number of Mission 1 kits is limitless. If you are a teacher, we recommend the classroom teaching package, including teaching material and 8 Mission 1 kits. Mission 1 is suitable for secondary schools.

For those schools wishing to offer students the full Space experience - a launch to the Stratosphere - Launchbox offers Balloon Sat 2.0. The Balloon Sat 2.0 is accompanied with a teaching package created in collaboration with VSSEC. Your students will experience first hand the design, build and testing process of a Space mission, as well as the launch utilising high-altitude balloon to over 32km. Balloon Sat 2.0 is suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

How many Balloon Sats will be launched to the Stratosphere in 2015?

- For logistics reasons the number of Balloon launches is limited to 40 annually. Ten satellites will be launched at the end of all four school terms. The launch sequence will be the same as that in which schools order their Balloon Sat kits. To guarantee your class can take part this year, we suggest you order quickly! 

From where will the Balloon Sats be launched?

- All Balloon Sats are launched from Mount Barker High School, South Australia. Mt Barker is the ideal launch location considering weather and airspace, meaning if your school is located elsewhere, you will have to arrange for shipping of your Balloon Sat to Mt Barker for launch. Participating schools are encouraged to participate in the launch where possible.

From where will the CubeSat be launched?

- The CubeSat containing the winning student LIFTOFF experiments will be released to orbit Earth from the International Space Station. To CubeSat will be transported to the ISS by rocket launch as a payload accompanying a larger satellite. Details will be released as soon as the launch slot is know.  

Do Launchbox kits come with an educational package?

- At Launchbox we work with education specialists to provide a fun and comprehensive learning package. Collaboration with the Victorian Space Science Education Centre has resulted in an education package accompanying the Balloon Sat that matches school curriculums and facilitates teachers in guiding their students. The Balloon Sat is accompanied with 6 lessons for secondary school students and 3 lessons for primary school students.

The Mission 1 is accompanied with an educational package targeted towards secondary school students. In three lessons, this package guides students through the setup of the Mission 1, the interfacing with the computer and the development of their own experiments in groups.

How can I order a Launchbox kit?

- You can order your Launchbox kit in the store.

How can my students access Space?

- Your students can access space by competing in the LIFTOFF competition. The winning experiments will be launched to space from the ISS for students to conduct their experiments and send back data from space. Your students may also be interested in the Balloon Sat 2.0 to launch to the Stratosphere.

Does Launchbox ship to my country?

- Launchbox aims to ship to any country. Please contact the Launchbox team if your country is not listed on our site.

Can I pay by cheque?

- We understand that as a teacher you may like to pay by cheque. Therefore we offer the possibility to order the class room pack by cheque, so that you may start teaching your students space sooner. Just click this link and choose receive an invoice as the payment method.

How can I reach LaunchBox for technical or teaching support?

- For technical support you may post to the Launchbox forum and we will get in touch as soon as possible to assist. For teaching support you are welcome to contact us with your query.

How can I - or my organisation - support Launchbox?

- If you are interested in supporting our mission and learning of the benefits to you and your organisation, please see our Get involved page.