We're on a mission to send
a Launchbox into space


We believe everyone should have access to Space, particularly school students to stimulate STEM education.

In 2014 we launched school's model satellites to the Stratosphere.

In 2015, Launchbox will launch the two best school space experiments into space! 


To enter, use your MISSION 1 kit to design your student space experiment.  

Read the LIFTOFF Guide, submit your LIFTOFF form and start designing. Build your space experiment, learn the basics of space mission planning and realise your Space dream how you want to, with guidance from real rocket scientists.

The best experiments will be launched into Earth Orbit on a CubeSat, from the International Space Station! 

Welcome to LIFTOFF! Welcome to Space!

Enter your school and start your mission!

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categories: Attitude control and determination, Data gathering for space conditions monitoring, Communications, Thermal, Innovation

Competition FAQs

Who may take part?

- School students anywhere on Earth are encouraged to take part. Experience shows working in teams of 3 or 4 students is most effective, allowing you to work together using one Mission 1 kit. As many teams from any school may take part. 


When will the launch take place?

- The launch is scheduled to take place at the end of 2015 or early 2016. The final date for submission of your experiment presentations and reports is the last day of August, 2015.


What type of experiments are acceptable?

- We stimulate that you think as creatively as possible and do some research to come up with an experiment that will help you discover something new. Your experiment may be in one of the following categories although other ideas are welcome.


How will the winning projects be launched to space?

- LBX will launch a space-ready version of the winning projects onboard a CubeSat to be launched from a station in space to be announced. To bring the CubeSat carrying the student experiment to this station in Space, it will be launched onboard a rocket carrying several satellites.


Where can students find supporting info to build their experiment?

- The LBX rocket scientists will provide guidance to teams at 2 key stages during the design. In addition, you may find useful information on the VSSEC site and in the LIFTOFF guide. Your first point of contact with questions should be your teacher who will have an educational package to support you. 


What is the recommended size of student teams?

- Based on the very successful student satellite kit balloon launches in 2014, we recommend 3 to 4 member teams to maximise your chances to win. You do not have to be in the same class at school.


Can students from anywhere take part?

- Yes. Student teams from anywhere in the world may take part. To take part you will have to submit your report and presentation of your experiment to Launchbox in Australia. At LBX we are an international team and will do our best to support teams from as many languages as possible.


May university teams take part?

- This year’s LIFTOFF! competition is specifically for school students. We do recommend that you fill in the contact form if you would like to stay informed of possible future competitions. We also recommend that as university students you visit the website of the European Space Agency and other space organisations to learn of competitions you may enter.


Download the competition guide