Lesson 2: Setting up Mission 1

Please buy a 9V battery to insert in your Mission 1 kit!


The Mission 1 OBC

This is 0.5U CubeSat Unit. It includes two PCBs. The lower PCB contains an On Board Control Computer (OBC) and an Electrical Power System (EPS).  The OBC is a Raspberry Pi, while the EPS includes some components and a 9V battery.

The upper PCB contains an electrical distribution PCB, a LCD to visualize the data and a breadboard, where the sensors can be attached.



Understand the difference between hardware and software.

View information with a connected sensor.


New Information Presented

How to connect a sensor and see the data coming out.


Application Task

View presentation, preferable in groups or 3 to 4 students, and complete question sheet in relation to presentation (15 mins)

As a group setup the Mission 1 components and view sensor data ( 20 mins)


Goal Revisited

One or more groups could correctly assemble and test the sensor operation (10 min)


Student Questions

View the introductory presentation and then answer the following questions.

  1. What are components of the Mission 1 kit?
  2. What are the sensors in the Mission 1 kit?