Lesson 3 : Setting up Mission 1

The Mission 1 Sensors

The Mission 1 kit contains a number of small sensors which can be used to experiment, and display information in real time. 


Understand the different sensors and how they work.

New Information Presented

Concepts of piezo-electric devices.

Circuits / continuity / open circuit.

Application Task

View presentation, preferable in groups or 3 to 4 students, and complete question sheet in relation to presentation (15 mins)

Goal Revisited

One or more groups could correctly explain how the sensors work (10 min)


Downloadable Files

Lesson 3 Sensors Vibration.docx

Lesson 3 Sensors Tilt Ball.docx

Lesson 3 Sensors Reed Switch.docx

Lesson 3 Sensors Optical Detector.docx

Lesson 3 Sensors FSR.docx

M1 Lesson 3.pptx