Lesson 4: Creating Experiments with Mission 1 


Create experiments and test sensors.

Understand how the sensor works, and the limitations of the sensor.

Understand the real-world application in space.

New Information Presented

Check videos on the website on how to connect the sensors.

Application Task

View presentation, preferable in groups or 3 to 4 students (15 mins)

As a group build the Mission 1 experiments, and experiment with the sensors ( 20 mins)

Goal Revisited

One or more groups could correctly assemble and run the associated programme to test the sensor operation. Students can comment on how effective (sensitive) the sensors are.(10 min)


Downloadable Files

Vibration Sensor Data Sheet.pdf

QRD1114 - Phototransistor.pdf

Piezo Film Sensor Data Sheet.pdf

Vibration Sensor Activity.docx

Tilt Ball Activity.docx

Reed Switch Activity.docx

Optical Detector Activity.docx

FSR Sensor Activity.docx

M1 Lesson 4.pptx