Lesson 3: A safe flight path

A question can be answered using a scientific process. Solving problems requires activities such as planning a course of action, collecting data, interpreting data, reaching a conclusion and communicating these activities.



Develop collaborative skills to design the extended investigation and communicate the design solutions to other groups.


New Information Presented

Information Sources

As described in the following activities

A Safe Flight Path

Weather conditions

Balloon Altitude and Flight Time

The Importance of Data Storage (Note: Students may recommend the camera shoots in time lapse or video. It could be desirable to coordinate with other schools so that some are video and others are time lapse).

Remote Sensing – Land Use under the Flight Path

Atmospheric Investigations – Temperature and Pressure

Distance to the horizon


Mobius manual

Application Task

Note: This lesson is in two parts, the investigation and then presentation. It is likely that at least two 50 to 60 minute sessions will be needed for this activity. The teacher may need to give advice on the nature of the presentation (power point or some other presentation method).


In groups as described in the previous lesson, work through the designated exercise for each group.

Prepare a presentation as described.

Goal Revisited

Present presentation and discuss as a group.


Student Activities & Resources


Remote sensing Presentation.pptx