Lesson 4: Testing your CubeSat

Satellite technology undergoes a testing process to minimise risk of launch failure and ensure the reliability of components.


Before a satellite can be launched it has to go through a number of testing procedures. Space qualification is the formal proof that the design meets all requirements and is approved for space flight.

(Flipped Classroom) New Information Presented

Students view the presentation Testing your CubeSat at home prior to the lesson.

Students answer questions using the worksheet: Questions – Testing your CubeSat to aid in the understanding of the purpose of testing and relationship to space qualification

Access Prior Knowledge

Briefly discuss what students learned from the presentation, and what testing is in relation to space qualification

Application Task


Testing the GPS system

Temperature testing

Accelerometer testing

Class is divided into a number of groups to do the testing activities. 

Goal Revisited

Class discussion of results, which should highlight the importance of testing.


Downloadable Files

Testing Activities.docx



Testing Your CubeSat.pptx