Lesson 5: Downloading and testing data


Analysing data in order to reach a conclusion is the foundation of scientific method.



Data can be analysed and compared with other experimental results to identify trends, draw conclusions and to identify discrepancies in the data.


New Information Presented

Explanations on how to download the data from the CubeSat data logger described in Downloading and Using the Data information sheet.

Explanations on the analysis of the data from the CubeSat data logger using the Analysis of Data information sheet.

Information Sources

Downloading and Using the Data information sheet

Analysis of Data Information sheet

Mobius camera still images and/or video. Note: Because of the potential different orientations of the cameras on each of the balloons, the images and videos may need to be shared between schools.

BLog.txt file from the data logger on the CubeSat.

Access Prior Knowledge

Briefly discuss with the students the experimental tasks that had been investigated in the design process.

Application Task

The team leaders and sub-team leaders may allocate the investigations to the respective groups, although the groups who designed the investigations in lesson 2 should continue with their investigation.


Land Use under the Flight Path (As part of this activity one or more groups may produce a 2 to 3 minute edited video of the flight showing the flight highlights (launch, selected images and balloon burst)

Distance to the horizon

Altitude vs temperature, pressure and speed.

Class can divided into a number of groups to do the scientific investigations and prepare a report.

Goal Revisited

Class discussion of results of the investigations, highlighting the conclusions drawn from the investigations.


Downloadable Files


Example Text File.txt