Connecting the Optical IR Sensor

Mission 1 Tutorial

Activity – General with Sensors (20 mins)


Start with all the parts of the Mission 1 on a table:

Jumping wires x 5

Optical detector sensor

 220 Ω resistor x 1

4.7 kΩ resistor x 1


Ask the class to name and describe each component as you connect it to the Mission 1 in front of them.


Explain briefly about each of these sensors and what they measure.

Demonstrate a simple use of the sensors already prearranged with a breadboard and jumper wires. 


Follow through with the rest of the lesson using one of the available sensors. The students should be able to connect all the components on a breadboard and connect up to their Mission 1.

Once the hardware is assembled, up the Mission 1 view the data from the relevant sensor field.


Review the output of the sensor on the LCD and discuss the information.


Activity – Investigation (15 mins)

What readings do you get when you change the angle at which the sensor is pointing towards the sun? (can probably try a torch in a classroom if readings are not good outside)

Does it pick up reflected light (i.e. Sensor is not facing the sun, but light is being reflected off objects)?

Can you categorize objects by material / colour?

What about in space, what can prevent it from working well?

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