Connecting the Tilt Sensor

Mission 1 Tutorial

Activity – General with Sensors (20 mins)


Start with all the parts of the Mission 1 on a table:

Jumping wires x 2

Tilt Ball sensor



Ask the class to name and describe each component as you connect it to the Mission 1 in front of them.

Explain briefly about each of these sensors and what they measure.

Demonstrate a simple use of the sensors already prearranged with a breadboard and jumper wires. 


Follow through with the rest of the lesson using one of the available sensors. The students should be able to connect all the components on a breadboard and connect up to their Mission 1.

Once the hardware is assembled, boot up the Mission 1 view the data from the relevant sensor field.

Review the output of the sensor on the LCD and discuss the information.


Activity – Investigation (15 mins)

How can we use the Tilt Switch as an attitude sensor/warning?

How can we know which way we are orientated (ie. Pitch, Roll, Yaw)?

What are the limitations of this sensor?

Can we know if we are at 5 degrees, 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 50 degrees of pitch?

How would this work in space?

Mission 1: Satellite Starter (Basic Kit)
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