Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund Sponsors Launchbox

We are incredibly grateful to the Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund for their recent sponsorship of the Launchbox project. We would like to thank everyone involved for making this possible, as this sponsorship enables us to forge ahead with our Schools Programme this year.

The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund commemorates the achievements of two distinguished South Australian pioneer aviators - Captain Sir Ross Smith K.B.E., M.C., D.F.C., A.F.C., and his brother Lieutenant Sir Keith Smith K.B.E. In 1986 Lady (Anita) Smith, widow of Sir Keith Smith, bequeathed her entire estate to the establishment of the Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund and directed that the income of the Fund be applied in perpetuity for "advancement in the State of South Australia of the science of aeronautics and of education therein".