Mission 2: Edge of Space (Primary Schools)


Mission 2: Edge of Space (Primary Schools)


Launch your own a stratospheric flight with Mission 2!

The Launchbox Balloon Sat 2.0 kit for primary schools will help students to learn about nanosatellites, giving them a chance to launch their own a Stratospheric flight.

LaunchBox will organise one school launch session each school term, from Mount Barker HS in South Australia. Up to 8 satellites can be launched each school term, so order your kit quickly!

The second version of the Balloon Sat has been designed to resemble a real CubeSat! It includes a battery board that gives power to a camera. The primary students will brainstorm about possible experiments to put on the satellite for the stratospheric launch. 



  • Students will capture HD video from the edge of space
  • Ideal for introducing primary school students to space
  • Perfect for stimulating the imagination and showing the accessibility of space
  • Includes an educational package of 3 lessons.

Kit contents:

  • 3D printed Launchbox Frame
  • High Definition camera
  • Battery board
  • Educational Package for Schools
  • *Balloon and parachute will be provided at Launch. Launch authorisation will be handled by Launchbox
  • *The Balloon Sat will be launched from Mount Barker South Australia. The number of launches in 2015 is limited to 32, spread over the four school terms. Order your kit now to you secure your launch!
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